About Us 

DEEP ROOTS Store is an initiative to offer you nutritive products.  Our name represents our role, deep roots use to store and supply vital nutrients to tree similarly DEEP ROOTS Store is storehouse of nutrients (high quality, nutrient rich food items) for humans with Indian belief.

We have a firm belief that vedic knowledge of India is far ahead of the modern science. It is very logical and time tested for thousands of years.  In recent years our healthy food habits are very much driven by the modern scientific researches. But we do not take into count that such researches are being conducted on mice or some tiny population that is not even genetically similar to us, for a very small span of time and where every discrepancy is eliminated and conditions are standardized. Moreover, an interesting fact about such research is that they keep on changing from time to time.

On the contrary, the traditional Indian food wisdom is like a legacy that has been transferred from one generation to other. We have a treasure of food wisdom in our culture that is time tested through observations on real humans in real life conditions.

Therefore, if we wish to have healthy and happy life we have to get back to our ROOTS- our traditional Indian food wisdom.

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