Dhoop Cone Mogra (40 pcs)


100% Natural Dhoop Cone (Mogra Fragrance)


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Dhoop Cone (Mogra)
Dhoop Cone (Mogra)
Dhoop Cone (Mogra)
Product Details

DEEP ROOTS launches Prasuk 100% natural dhoop cones made using desi cow dung that generates fresh rose aroma. 

Specialty of this product is that it is 100% natural. Made using desi cow dung as base and essential oils for fragrance. No Charcoal and no bamboo used.

Our product is sustainable, eco friendly, and the remains(ash) after use are not only biodegradable but can also be used as fertilizer for plants.

If you believe in Indian vedic knowledge (now science is also agreeing to it) then using this bamboo free product in home generate positivity, relieve stress, kill germs, purify air and create blissful aroma.

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