Gir Cow Bilona A2 Ghee- 500 ml

Bilona Ghee from Gir Cow A2 Milk- 500 ml
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Gir Cow Bilona Ghee
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Pack Size: 500 ml 

Shipping: Pan India (delivery charges extra as per destination) 

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DEEP ROOTS offer vedic ghee made exclusively from Desi Gir cow A2 milk produced at DEEP ROOTS Farm.

Cows are fed with green grass throughout the year along with some seasonal green fodder. Such high quality feed and fodder along with hygienic & clean shade at DEEP ROOTS farm ensure that we have nutrient rich raw milk to produce healthy desi ghee.

Using traditional Indian process we convert natural raw milk into desi ghee. For this we first convert the whole milk (without separating cream) into dahi and then that dahi is churned in traditional way by wooden mathani (churner) to obtain makhan. By boiling makhan we get pure vedic ghee which has got richness of all nutrients of desi cow milk.

This ghee is the actual ghee which is described in ayurveda as it is made from cultured desi cow milk (dahi) using traditional wooden churning (bilona) method. So by adding this ghee to you family diet you can get the real benefits of consuming ghee as described in ayurveda.
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