Natural Jaggery Powder Pack (900 gm)

Natural Jaggery Powder made from organic sugarcane and without using any chemical in processing.
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Natural Jaggery Powder Pack (900 gm)
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Natural Jaggery Powder is produced from Natural Jaggery.

The brick structure of jaggery makes it inconvenient to be used in beverages like curd, tea, kada or in sweet dishes. However the powder structure of jaggery makes it handy to use. It get easily dissolved and mix with the dishes evenly and give excellent taste.

It is produced from selective juicy variety of organic sugarcane grown in Madhya Pradesh. 

Sugarcane are crushed in charkhi to get sugarcane juice which is then cooked in iron kadav to condense. During the cooking process we use ladies finger (bhindi) pulp to remove impurities. At this stage we get natural jaggery which is further cooked to get jaggery granuals that are sieved to get natural jaggery powder.
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